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ALAF, Latin American Railway Association, is a non-governmental organization (NGO) that has been recognized by the United Nations. It was found in 1964 and its main offices are in Buenos Aires, Argentina, two regional offices in Brazil (Brasilia and San Paulo) and one in Guatemala (Guatemala). The organization is constituted by most of the railway and railway-related industrial companies in Latin America.


ALAF has the following basic purposes:
• To promote cooperation among its members and to contribute to the envelopment and expansion of railway transport in the region.
• To promote a public policy in transportation ensuring the equal participation of the railway mode.
• To support the development of railway transportation infrastructure projects, including intermodal transfer stations and port accessibility.
• To develop a rationalized supply of railroad products and services in the Latin America region based on standardized products with warranted quality

Strategic actions

In the governmental domain in the región
• Presentation in different governmental forums of concrete proposals based on thorough reference research: at the regional level, in Transportation Ministers’ Conferences and all those meetings about issues related to transport; and at the national level, in both federal and provincial and local governments, as well as in the legislative bodies.

Particularly in:
• Environmental protection: consideration of external costs in the definition of transportation and infrastructure projects.
• Equal participation among transportation modes (subsidized policies, regulations, indirect costs).
• Frontier-crossing facilitation.
• Legislation leading toward multimodal transport.
• Promotion and participation in projects of corridor integration.
• Protection of Railroad Historical Patrimony.
In the legislative domain
•To promote legislation in order to improve the security in transportation projects and environmental protection, and to device a legal framework ensuring equitative partici¬pation of the different transportation modes.
In the academic domain
• To generate and support a regional academic network on disciplines devoted to research on transportation issues.
• To inform academic institutions of the activities organized by ALAF. In the financial institutions
• To participate with the financial institu¬tions in the definition of methodologies to facilitate the financing of railroad infrastructure of regional interest. In the regional trade organizations
• To participate in assessment studies of transportation projects in order to support regional trade.
In international railway organizations
• To have an active participation as representative of Latin American railway companies in the activities of the UIC.
• To further the relationship with the AAR and the FRA, particularly in aspects related to norms and technical regulations and in the transport of hazardous products.
In the services to affiliates
Particularly in the following services for members: Systematic publications
• Síntesis Informativa en Tiempo Real (“News in Real Time”).
• Revista ALAF (ALAF magazine), periodical publication.
• Annual statistical review.
Documentation center Access to documentation and publications related to the transportation sector in general and to the railway mode in particular.
On-line services through Internet
• Access to information about suppliers of railroad products and services by specialty.
• Access to information about supply and demand of products and services for railway companies.
• Direct links with railway firms and regional and international agencies.
• Access to listings of Latin American railway companies.
• Digital access to ALAF magazine and ALAF in Real Time.
Training courses upon request from the member companies, with internationally- known teaching staff Organization of workshops and seminars covering issues of affiliate’s interest Research of technical standardization at the regional level
To overcome the technical restrictions in the trade traffic and to rationalize the demand of elements and equipment.
Certification of compliance with international manufacturing quality standards
To assure customers on the quality of the elements they purchase.
Reserch on security norms
To ensure circulation security and to promote the use of the railway mode in the transport of hazardous products.
Technical Assistance For certain projets, with technical assistance that facilitates cooperation agreements.
Facilitation of transport
Through a systematic management of the principal internacional corridors.
Technical inspection
Analisis and evaluation of projects

Cooperation agreements

ALAF has endorsed cooperation agreements with several public and private institutions and organizations.
Germany: GTZ, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit, Gmbh
France: SNCF, French National Railways
USA: FRA (Federal railroads Administration)
Regional organizations
SIECA (Central America Economic Integration Secretary)
ALADI (Latin American Integration Association)
OEA (Organization of the American States)
Academic institutions
University of Castilla - La Mancha, Spain
University of Campinas, UNICAMP, Brazil
University of Catalunya, UPC, Spain
Financial institutions
BID (Inter-American Development Bank)
Regional and international railway organizations
UIC (International Union of Railways)
AAR (Association of American Railroads)

How to become a member of ALAF

Any public or private company or government agency performing activities related to transportation in general or railway transportation in particular may become a member of ALAF.

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